Never Agree To Split The Bills 50/50 Roomates : A Woman's Guide To Attracting A Man Who Provides (Paperback) Author Ann-Marie Graham

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You are a queen. Now start acting like it.Never Agree to Split the Bills 50/50 offers no holds barred advice, insight, and tips to help you avoid dating pitfalls and find a man who will treat you as you should be treated with love, compassion, and respect for the long haul.

It is an essential guide for woman to attract and marry the right kind of man.Before you say Yes to that man, ask yourself:IS HE A LEADER?IS HE A PROTECTOR?IS HE A PROVIDER?

Author Ann-Marie Graham shares her dating experiences, with all the trials, tribulations, and short-lived triumphs, to help you navigate the complicated dynamics many women worldwide contend with when they allow themselves to fall for the wrong man or tolerate maltreatment, or mistake temporary doting for a lifelong promise.This guide will help you see your worth, inspire you to shine and demand better for yourself, and will help you feel good about who you are, inside and out.

If you’re tired of settling for less than you deserve and want to have the relationship that leads to the marriage of your dreams, Never Agree to Split the Bills 50/50 is the must-have guide to getting everything you want and need to live a happy, healthy, joy-filled life with someone who truly loves you, and more importantly, respects and honors you like the queen you are.

Author Ann-Marie Graham