God's Healing Promises " Feed Your Faith Starve The Disease " By Ann-Marie Graham (Paperback)

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Feeding Your Mind With The Right Information Is Key To Health, Wellness And Longevity 

When many hear the term ‘faith healing’, they’re immediately skeptical, yet, these same people rave about the pharmaceutical industry. That presents quite the quandary.

What does one do to overcome the doubt they feel about God and his ability to heal?

God’s Healing Promises aims to marry your lingering doubts with God’s healing powers. Using HIS words and the principles derived from them, this book will revolutionize your life, one transformational message at a time.

Immerse yourself in God’s words, embrace the underlying messages, and let the lessons you learn transform your life, starve the disease of doubt and uncertainty, and allow God’s healing grace to flow through you and through all that you do from this moment forward.