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Welcome! My name is Ann-Marie, as your Faith Coach I will meet you where you are and help you to get where you were born to be. I am a gifted, passionate, loving, patient and caring Coach. This is not only my job, this is my life's purpose and I am here as the inner gardener to help your life bloom.

As your Faith Coach I am equipped to help you grow your faith in ways that will produce real transformation in your life, family and business. This is a twelve week journey. The process I use is from the Bible. This one on one mentotship program is ideal for a Christian or a a person of faith.

In this twelve week Journey You will:

  • Discover Who God Is.
  • Discover who you are.
  • Identify core values and find out what drives you in life.
  • Discover Your Life's Blueprint.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs
  • Become Perfected In God's Love.
  • Discover the Hidden Secret Of Faith.
  • Develop a Kingdom Mindset?
  • Break free a mindset of lack and think abundance.
  • Discover the right way to pray.
  • Learn how to get your prayers answered!
  • Become God Conscious.
  • Learn How To Walk in the Spirit.
  • Live and reign in this Life as a Giant Of Faith.
  • Learn how to take these twelve week of truth and live bold and fearless.

Join Me On This One on One Twelve week Journey to transformation.

Now is the time to get all that God and Life has for you.

Daily Faith Triggers Sent to your phone or email. Monday to Friday!