Break Free From Religion and into Oneness (Life Coaching Package)

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  • You grew up in a very religious home or have been closely associated with religion most of your adult life.
  • You Go to religious services, but you don't feel connected to God. You don't even feel like you know Him. You are often very scared of Him. You see, God has a master, with a long beard and a deep voice, a slave driver who is just waiting for you to mess up for him to beat the hell out of you.
  • You smile, clap your hands and sing the religious songs but deep down inside; you feel empty. You feel like an imposter. Something is missing. You look around in your religious gathering on a Saturday Or a Sunday Morning, but you don't know what it is.
  • You constantly receive judgment and feel condemned in your religious organization.
  • For many years now, you view yourself as a worm of the dust, a victim. Everywhere you turn, Something goes wrong in your life. It's as though the heavens are shut over your head.
  • You feel powerless. You feel like you are a victim of circumstances. You are flooded with anxiety and condemnation hourly and by the minute.
  • You are not thriving in your relationships. Your career is in limbo. And you use Your religion as a crutch instead of getting to the root of the problem.
  • There is a deep tension in your heart because you hide your passion and dull your greatness because you want to appear humble. You disguise some of your gifts because you are afraid of the judgment of others. You feel stuck living a life of mediocrity all because you are walking in fear and lack childlike faith.

From the early age of seven, I had a deep desire in my heart to KNOW GOD and CONNECT WITH GOD. Over the years, I have gone to several different churches. I even went as far as going to Bible School because I knew that God called me for a great purpose. I finished Bible School and served in different leadership capacities in the church, but there was always Something missing. Something did not feel right in many of these organized religious bureaucracies. I frequently met with friends, break bread, and fellowship, sometimes at the seaside, a park, or in someone's house. I noticed that whenever this happened, I felt most at home.

Fast forward several years later, and a mentor of mine took me on a journey and coached me, and slowly but surely, I started getting a glimpse of THE REAL GOD. I got healed of a bleeding condition I was suffering from for many years. After my healing, I would often fall back into a religious mindset, and then I would get pessimistic and become depressed all over again. I saw God has a master who was waiting to punish me. I didn't feel loved, cherished, or cared for by God.

The more I hold on to these beliefs, the worse my life got. My mentor helped me, and my eyes and heart became ENLIGHTED TO THE TRUE GOD AND THE CHRIST WITHIN. And instead of it being about religion, it became a LOVE RELATIONSHIP AND ONENESS, and the adverse effects religion had on me disappeared.

I am very passionate about helping people to break free from religion and its adverse effects. God, life, knowledge, and training and experience, have equipped me to help you get results. Allow me to help guide you into the victorious life that Our Heavenly Father Has Called You to Live. Religion produces helpless victims, sonship and oneness produce victorious daughters and sons of The Most High God, Creator Of The World And Universe. 


  • You will experience spiritual consciousness. You will come in contact with Divine Love And The Christ Within you.
  • You, Will, Come to know God as Your Father and feel his unconditional Love. You will gain knowledge of the permanency of his Love.
  • By extension of His Divine Love, you will become more loving, understanding, and empathetic towards others.
  • These coaching sessions Will help you gain freedom from the bondage of religion, condemnation and limiting beliefs.
  • God's Consciousness and Oneness will help you to gain freedom from fear.
  • Despite the many conflicts in the world today, you will have peace by learning to let go of ego and depend on Source.
  • You will show up in this world as your authentic self. You will stand out and shine bright instead of blending in. You will showcase your gifts with boldness, and they will open doors for you and bring you before great men.
  • You will become the star you were born to be, and you will shine bright even on the darkest night.

NB:  This is Coaching Package that Offers three sixty minute Coaching Session. They are done Via Zoom. Sessions are 100 % Professional and Confidential.  Contact Us Via The Contact Form With Your Order Number and someone will reach out to you.