Dead Sea Mud Exfoliating Body Soap: I am really impressed with this product and I will purchase again. I have a mixture of dry and oily skin. I had not been satisfied with my bath gel and tried other products. I always felt I didn't have my skin pores cleansed well enough after taking a shower even with a sponge. However since I got this soap, I always feel refreshed after every bath. I have stopped using my bath gel and reluctant to go back to it. I also haven't experienced any bad reactions using it. I know we all have different skin types and sometimes my skin gets irritated with organic products but not with this one. I will give it a 10/10!  Miriam NJ USA

Flawless Diamond Glow Serum: I just started using this and I very much love the feel of it. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin compared to other moisturizers I have used. I felt like I was moisturized the whole day with just a 1 time application. Miriam NJ USA